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Release Date : 26 May 2011
Genre : Hardcore Horror
Studio : KRU Studios
About :
Watching the movie reminds me of the time when watching horror movies on DVD was such a big thing. I am saying this because the quality of the picture really looks like it is meant to be for DVD-at-home screening. Either that or the quality of the camera for low light is not the best that money can buy. Do not get me wrong, I have watched Khurafat so somehow I feel like the quality of that movie during the night scenes are better than Karak's. That is just from the technical part. Many of the scenes are too simplistic or illogical that maybe logic does not even exist in their world. For example, there is a scene where Jack wants to go to the toilet. The only toilet available at that time is a toilet very far away, at the back of an alley. Who would want to go to that kind of toilet in the middle of the night? Might as well just relieve yourself at the roadside. Not only that, the toilet is so filthy with all the slimy stuffs and looks really abandoned that I doubt anyone would want to enter that kind of toilet, especially in the middle of the night. Most of us normal folks won't even think to enter that kind of place. Another thing that is simply illogical is their level of curiousity. Zura found an old necklace and when she sees an old picture with an old lady wearing that necklace, suddenly she wants to wear the necklace. Hello????...old lady, old picture, old necklace, aren't those enough warnings for you not to touch things that do not belong to you? Do not let me start with Ida. Why would she want to go to the toilet in the middle of the night to clean her wounds? She could have just let them be and clean them when the sun rises. Things are so obvious but they tend to ignore them that I wonder are they actually college students or some lost kittens.