Watch Nurkasih The Movie [Full] Online

Release Date: 19 May 2011
Language: Malay
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 1 Hour 34 Minutes
Director: Kabir Bhatia
Cast: Tiz Zaqyah, Remy Ishak, Fizz Fairuz

Nur Kasih The Movie is a story of how a family faces every test from God. Death of Aidil's wife had a profound impact, especially on Aidil own. He was accompanied by his two children, namely Illyas and Mariam. Aidil's brother named Adam and his wife Nur Amina also helped to inspire Aidil.

After Aidil recovered, Adam and Nur Amina returned to the city to live normal lives. After many attempts, finally Nur Amina was pregnant. This good news has make everyone happy, especially Adam himself. But that happiness is not long lasting because it was a miscarriage.

As a result of grief, Adam and Nur Amina has go to Jordon to calm down. They visit many historical sites there. Until one day, they have been involved in a train accident. At this time, Adam prayed to God for the return of Nur Amina. Finally, they both were safe.

However, Nur Amina's ring was missing. So, Adam went to the crash site to search for Nur Amina's ring. Unfortunately, hurricanes have struck the area and Adam was missing. Nur Amina trying to find Adam without despair. He also requested help from Aidil together to find Adam. Once satisfied searching, they finally managed to find Adam. But at that time, Adam was in critical condition since he was involved in a car accident.

Finally, they have returned to Malaysia. Adam was taken to hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, Adam became more severe conditions in which the heart is weak. Nur Amina still trying to save Adam by finding the financial resources to pay medical expenses for Adam. At that time, Nur Amina was pregnant again.

Meanwhile, Adam duties as a teacher has been taken over by Aidil. One day, Aidil was beaten by a group of gangster allegedly took the gangster's girlfriend. At the same time, Adam was in a critical condition. Mamat who is Adam's student try to save Aidil. Unfortunately, he was killed.

With that sacrifice, Adam saved because Mamat donate his heart to Adam. Because of that Adam lived to see his son. However, the living will be dead as well. Adam died before Nur Amina and Aidil because of old.