Horoscope Forecast : Ox Outlook for 2011

Ox Outlook for 2011

    1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009

    Ox Overview

    The Year of the Metal Rabbit should bring progress and expansion for you. The Metal element exerts a beneficial influence on Water, which is your sign's element. Did you have a bumpy ride last year? You still might hit a few obstacles in 2011, but you'll have 10 favorable months to look forward to, and only two not-so-favorable months. If you're a typical Ox, you might need to work on being less stubborn and learning to bend with the wind. Compromise is your friend. Yes, I know you're a tough and powerful creature, but you might butt heads with others if you're forceful about being right. Borrow some creativity and gentleness from the Rabbit. Raise your expectations, and practice diplomacy to get what you want.

    Ox Rating

    65% (10 favorable, 2 unfavorable)

    Ox Career

    That saying about pulling your weight must refer to you. As an Ox, you're no stranger to hard work, and this year will require your steadfast focus. The Rabbit's influence might make you even more stubborn than normal, so make sure you keep relationships with colleagues and clients in good shape. Are you feeling out of place at your current job? It might not be the right fit. This year could bring a career change for you, but you'll have to plan things carefully and slowly. The Rabbit favors peace, order, and systemization. Get your ducks in a row. Smile, even on your bad days. Try being more of a team player.

    Ox Relationships

    While things should remain steady on the home front, you could have a few challenging moments in the land of love. The Rabbit is strong and stubborn like you, so your relationships might feel strained. Are you dealing with other strong personalities? You might not show your soft and sensitive side to everyone, but can you show it more to your loved ones? Harmony and order will be important this year. Work on your communication skills and heal any rifts with estranged friends or family.

    Ox Health

    If you're a typical Ox, you might be a bit of a foodie. Did you let your diet go last year? If so, 2011 is a good time to restore balance to your digestive system and make sure you're eating healthy. If you have any long-standing health issues, it's time to address them from a holistic approach. A sensible diet is one piece of the puzzle, but consider the other factors that encourage balance and wellness. Exercise. Relaxation. Meditation. Laughter. Make sure you're getting a healthy dose of each or you could burn out quickly.

    Ox Wealth

    As the element of our year, Metal also rules several months in 2011, including the month of the Ox. You'll have several Triple Metal days -- where the element of the year, month, and day all match -- which could make for some incredible luck where money is concerned. Make sure you jump at the opportunities in your favorable months but exercise caution in the unfavorable ones. More than anything, it is your Oxen diligence that will reap the most rewards. Avoid any get-rich-quick schemes and instead just let your talents bring in prosperity.