Horoscope Forcast : Snake Outlook for 2011

Snake Outlook for 2011

    1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001

    Snake Overview

    If last year was a bit wild for you, things might calm down a bit in the Year of the Metal Rabbit. Your sign's element is Fire, which has a harmful influence on the Metal year element -- make sure you plot your course carefully. Even though your favorability for the year is only 65%, almost all your months will be favorable. Your determination and perseverance might need a tune-up. Are there ways you can boost your motivation? Give yourself a daily dose of self-confidence with words of affirmation. There's room for you to accomplish great things.

    Snake Rating

    65% (10 favorable and 2 unfavorable months)

    Snake Career

    Without a moment's notice, you might have to suddenly change directions in your career. Perhaps your job title will expand. Maybe your company will enter into a merger. Can you see how this might be an opportunity for something better? If you find yourself at a crossroads, take some time to figure out your direction. You might not find answers right away. Trust that your path will unfold regardless of your confusion. The Rabbit lends you more creativity and insight, so trust those flashes of intuition when it comes to your life's work.

    Snake Relationships

    If you're attached, you might enjoy the quiet comforts of home more than usual this year. Compatibility issues should get easier -- especially when it comes to your and your partner's living habits. If you're single, you might meet the yin to your yang in a new partner. Sensual pleasures will be heightened, so make sure your home smells good, looks good, and feels good. Silk sheets? Soft leather couches? Scented candles? Do whatever it takes to please your senses. Others will be drawn in to your home like a moth to the flame.

    Snake Health

    The Rabbit is a bit of a hypochondriac, so don't mistake stress or fatigue for something worse. You should enjoy relatively good health this year, but make sure you eat right and get plenty of rest. Are you prone to the winter flu? Go to the pharmacy and get your flu shot asap. Also, be careful about stress-induced migraines. If you're a typical Snake, your nervous system is a bit more sensitive than others. Take care of your mental and physical health -- the two are intricately connected.

    Snake Wealth

    Your business savvy might help you negotiate some good deals in the financial department. This year will deliver several Triple Metal days -- where the element of the year, month and day all match. Since Metal is the element most closely associated with wealth, this could be a boost to your bank account. Mark them on your calendar. Use your Snake charm with some common sense to get the best bargains and negotiate for large purchases. Legal matters will probably be favored, so use your Super Luck days to sign contracts, leases, and business deals.