How important "sex" to a relationship?

Do sex important to a relationship?

Anyone who thinks sex is definitely important, will probably end up being divorced. Sex is a very pleasureful experience and is a good thing to have in a relationship. But if your looking for something to last a lifetime, than basing sex as a very important factor in your relationship is not good. Very few keep the sexual pace up through their marriage. Everyone hits lulls and sex does drop off in frequency as the years go by. So sex is something that is to be enjoyed between each other but should not be something that is extremely important. Relationships that are based on sex as a high priority, rarely last.

Sex is an important part of a relationship but if it is or becomes the most important aspect then there is no ''real'' relationship. It can be the ultimate expression of love between two people, a way to communicate feelings that are difficult to express in words. It's pretty darn important for procreation - obvious exceptions being infertility or disability. I helps build closeness and intimacy, relieves stress, gives comfort. Sex differentiates a romantic relationship from a platonic relationship.

Love and sex are not the same thing; this is something some people never learn. Sex without love is just physical. Love without sex can be pure, spiritual and true. But sex with someone you love unequivocally, can be gentle and tender, hot and wild, comfortable or simply sublime.

And don't ever forget that the most important sexual organ is the brain.